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Zaha Kheir Researcher in Poltics of the Middle East
Zaha Kheir Researcher in Poltics of the Middle East


I would like to take advantage of this space to thank the people who have supported/are supporting my work:


Prof. Santiago Petschen. Emeritus. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. For his encouragement, support and friendship in my development as a researcher and teacher.  


Dr. Mateo Ballester. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. For his classes on nations and nationalism that inspired my PhD project and for his support throughout my professional development and applications. 


Dr. Ana Haro. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. For her friendship and support throughout my years of graduate study and my application process to the doctoral programme at Oxford. 


Dr. Philip Robins. University of Oxford. For the support and guidance that he is providing for my doctoral research. He invests generous amounts of time and attention in my development. 


Dr. Oren Barak. Hebrew University of Jerusalem. For accepting the supervision of my fieldwork in Israel during the upcoming academic year.


Dr. David Rueda. University of Oxford. For his guidance early on in my doctoral research, directing me to read a published piece of work which turned out to form the very foundation of my doctoral research design. 


Zaha Kheir, M.A.

DPhil Candidate in Politics

Dept Politics and International Relations

University of Oxford

Saint Anthony's College

62 Woodstock Road

Oxford OX1 6JF



Tel.: +44 (0)7507408906




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