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Zaha Kheir Researcher in Poltics of the Middle East
Zaha Kheir Researcher in Poltics of the Middle East



Zaha Kheir Parmasche


Born 1986 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany


I grew up on the small Canary Island of La Palma, where I stayed until after my secondary education.


After exploring the English educational system for a year, completing the first year of the BA in History and Media Writing at the University of Greenwhich, I returned to Spain. During my "exploratory year" I realized that what fascinated me about both history and writing for the media was the understanding of politics and society that came with it. In other words, it became clear that the best academic fit for me was Political Science.


I completed my Licenciatura degree (BA+MA) in Political and Administrative Sciences at the Complutense University of Madrid with Distinction, in 2010. My thesis explored the political attitudes of Palestinians in Madrid vis-a-vis Palestinian Authority politicians. I designed a snowball sample of interviewees and carried out both semi-structured interviews and focus groups. Verbatim transcription was followed by discourse and content analysis, allowing me to isolate a handful of narratives about the most salient political figures of the moment. Some interviews were held in Arabic. 


My personal life took me to the USA, Austria, Ireland and Germany over the following four years. Thanks to the large portfolio of translation clients that I was able to establish with my office, Kheir Translations, I learned a new trade, expanded my linguistic and professional skills, and worked with wonderful people and in fantastic places. Nonetheless, by 2014 it was clear to me that no matter how good my business went, I was a researcher in politics more than anything else.


With the encouragement from friend and family, and above all the unwavering support of my professors in Madrid, I got accepted to the DPhil/PhD programme at Oxford University, to work on the project of my choice. 


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Zaha Kheir, M.A.

DPhil Candidate in Politics

Dept Politics and International Relations

University of Oxford

Saint Anthony's College

62 Woodstock Road

Oxford OX1 6JF



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