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Zaha Kheir

Ph.D.  Politics (University of Oxford)

B.A., M.A. Politics (Univ. Complutense Madrid)

Certified Translator (IHK, Germany)


My name is Zaha Marisa Kheir. I am the founder, owner and lead translator, analyst, transcriber and interpreter at Kheir Translations. Since 2010, I have worked on hundreds of projects within the medical field.


With German, Spanish and English as my main languages - I am a native speaker of the first two, and have spent the past 10 years living and working in England and the USA - I have found an exciting specialization in medical and pharmaceutical translations. Research in the medical field is progressing faster than ever and clients increasingly require reliable translators, capable of providing high-quality translations of text and audio material quickly.


On average, I translate 2000 words per hour, transcribe (bilingual) 60 audio minutes in 2.5 hours (subject to audio quality) and analyze 60 minutes (content and second stage) in 1.5 hours. I provide urgent and weekend translation, analysis and transcription services at no extra cost, but it is recommended to book my services ahead of time, especially when it comes to large projects.


In addition to my specialization in this field, I have successfully worked on numerous market research projects, ranging from research on musical equipments all the way up to testing data protection guidelines.


The long-term working relationship with my clients is a testament to customer satisfaction: I have worked with my two biggest clients since 2011, and have since acquired clients on a yearly basis which I have not only retained, but which have expanded my responsibilities on their own iniative.


Alongside my activities as a translator, I have a keen interest in politics, particularly of the Middle East. Between 2014 and 2019, I have been working on my Ph.D. in Politics at the University of Oxford, where I research state building and democracy in the Middle East. As part of my doctoral project, I spent extended periods of time in Israel, Palestine, Lebanon and France, where I conducted interviews and archival research. For more on my academic activities, please see the research tab on this website.


In my free time, I am passionate about sports and nutrition. There is nothing better than a hiking or trail running trip on the Canary Island on which I grew up, La Palma. When I am not spending my time in this idyllic place, I spend my evenings at a local gym, doing CrossFit, Olympic Lifting and other varieties of high intensity training.


I like to consider my clients' business my own - only if I put forth my best effort can we both succeed. Rest assured that I will deliver a high quality service at fair prices.

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